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Whether your air conditioner quits working on the hottest day of the year in Memphis or you've just come home from work and your home feels like you're stuck in a desert, air conditioner repair is never fun. At Landmark Heating & Air Conditioning, we understand the annoyances that can come with a non-working or unreliable air conditioner and the issues that come along with them. That's why we do this: to help keep you and your family comfy throughout the year.

If your air conditioner is older, you never know when it might decide to start "sputtering" or will suddenly decide to stop operating altogether. Our pros are trained and certified to be sure your air conditioner is repaired swiftly, efficiently, and to your satisfaction. That way, you can have peace of mind that your air conditioner is working and your home is back to being a place of comfort for you and your family.

Plus, when you purchase a new air conditioner, it's not uncommon to encounter a number of other bonuses that have come about as a result of new technology.

Other bonuses of new air conditioners entail:

Reduced energy expenses: Advancements in the efficiency of air conditioners has offered the ability to save more on energy as well as the cost to run them throughout the year.

Tax credits and incentives: Depending on the air conditioner that you select, there’s a chance that it will qualify for a tax credit or incentive program due to its efficiency.

Enhanced air quality: When you buy a new air conditioner, you have the choice to keep your home’s air that much cleaner with the new technology available. Some Lennox® air conditioners can also use our top filtration system, Healthy Climate®.

Discreet operation: Many of our air conditioners have SilentComfort™ technology so you can hardly tell when your system is working, leaving your home both quiet and cozy.

It's also essential to note that regardless of the make or model of your air conditioner we can both repair and service it. At Landmark Heating & Air Conditioning, our experts are NATE-certified and we are fully licensed and insured in air conditioner repair and service for every manufacturer of air conditioner available, so yes, we can take care of it for you.

One of the most common questions we get in Memphis is "How will I know when it's time to replace our air conditioner?". While it may seem like an obvious question, we typically operate off of this rule of thumb:

  • When your repair costs are about 50% of the value of the system, it's time to get a new one.
  • Keep in mind that if your system is 12 years old or older, you stand a bigger risk of having difficulties more often (even if they're less expensive), and it may be time to replace it anyway.
  • If you find yourself putting up with air conditioner repair frequently during the year, replacing your air conditioner might be more cost-effective.

If it ends up that you're faced with a decision like this and you need to select a new air conditioner, Landmark Heating & Air Conditioning carries a variety of high-quality, efficient air conditioners that not only meet your comfort needs, but can accommodate your budget as well.

Regardless of your current situation, be it simply doing some fact finding because you know you’ll need a new air conditioner soon or you’re in need of emergency air conditioner repair, the team at Landmark Heating & Air Conditioning are here in Memphis for you. Give us a call at 901-365-4260 or use our online scheduler to get something set up right away.

Investing in a new air conditioner goes beyond finding the best system for your home, comfort needs, and budget. After all, if you’re going to make the investment in a new air conditioner, you need to be sure to have it constructed by a professional to make sure you get all the benefits it has to offer. The experts at Landmark Heating & Air Conditioning are trained to make sure that the air conditioner installation process is done the right way the first attempt. After all, who has time to deal with air conditioner hassles?

One of the more frequent questions we receive when it comes to air conditioner installation is, “What can I expect when installation day comes for my new air conditioner?” To that, we arranged this overview of the day:

Pre-Installation – before your actual installation day, one of the technicians from Landmark Heating & Air Conditioning will make sure the selected system is the perfect size for you home and make sure that the installation area is clear and available for a smooth installation.

Testing – once everything is set up, the installer will make sure that the system is creating cold air and check for duct leaks and measure airflow, making any needed adjustments.

Installation – once the installer arrives, they will make sure the system is placed correctly, stabilized, and has the proper amount of clearance. Next, they’ll install all of the piping and wiring and get your system qualified for testing.

Explanation – throughout the process, your installer is more than happy to explain all of the steps they are taking to get the system installed and in running order. They will also provide tips to help you receive all of the benefits of your new system as well as how often you should check it.

When it comes to air conditioner installation, the skillful team at Landmark Heating & Air Conditioning is ready to help make the installation process easy so you can get back to enjoying the benefits of your new air conditioner. Our team is NATE-certified, and we are fully licensed and insured to take care of all your air conditioner installation needs.

When you hire experts like those at Landmark Heating & Air Conditioning, having your air conditioner installed means that you can count on:

  • Comfortable Operation: professional air conditioner installation means that your system is installed and operating as it should be, leaving you with enjoyment for your happy family.
  • Dependable Operation: choosing an expert like those at Landmark Heating & Air Conditioning to install your air conditioner means that it will be installed the right way and will be operating as it was supposed to.
  • Attention to Detail: expert installation of your air conditioner means you don’t have to worry about steps being missed or overlooked, and when all of the loose ends are tied up, you can expect a simply comfortable home.

Whether you’re transitioning into a new place with an old air conditioner or you’ve simply used yours until it stopped working, our team of professionals is qualified to help make the process of purchasing and installing a new air conditioner simple. Feel free to give us a call at 901-365-4260 or set up an appointment online and we’d be excited to talk with you about the air conditioners we have and our installation process.

Air Conditioner Service in Memphis

One of the most normal topics you hear about air conditioners, furnaces, and really all HVAC equipment for that matter, is that you need to stay on top of routine maintenance. The reason it’s talked about so often is because it plays such an essential role in maintaining the convenience you expect out of your system. We understand the summers in Memphis can be warm and unpredictable, so why risk having your air conditioner stop working at the worst time possible?

To Landmark Heating & Air Conditioning, helping you maintain prime comfort for your home means we’re able to take care of all of your air conditioner service demands, whether it’s an emergency or routine. It’s crucial to note that having routine air conditioner service performed offers a ton of benefits, including:

Efficient Operation: keeping a well-maintained air conditioner means that your system is able to work as efficiently as it should. Plus, an efficient air conditioner usually means reduced energy usage.

Comfortable Operation: having an air conditioner operating at its best means that you’re able to keep your home just as cozy as you want to. Then you won’t be caught off guard on the hottest day of the year and have to mess with a ruined air conditioner.

Reliable Operation: heat of the summer means that you’re likely using your air conditioner more than usual. Maintaining your air conditioner properly helps to keep it reliable even when it’s being used more often and temperatures soar.

Dependable Operation: staying on top of routine maintenance means that your air conditioner is running as it is designed. Think of keeping up with air conditioner service like you regularly have oil changes for your car.

Keeping your home comfortable is something that everyone desires, and when you take care of your air conditioner with proper service, you’re able to get the most out of it. There are also a few other things to recognize so that you can have a leg up on those soaring summer temps this season.

  • Programmable thermostat: there are a seemingly endless amount of programmable and smart thermostats available these days. Regardless of which one you decide on, you’re able to set a schedule to both keep your home comfy and possibly help you save a couple bucks when you’re not in town and don’t need to keep an empty house as cool.
  • Close your blinds: this can help keep your home shielded from the sun’s rays and the constant heat that can sneak in through open blinds. On cooler nights, you can also count on the naturally cool air outside and open your windows to give your air conditioner a break.
  • Use fans: if you plan on being in a room for a while, use a fan to help keep that specific room cooler. It offers you a wind chill effect and will allow you to turn up the thermostat a couple degrees.

At Landmark Heating & Air Conditioning, our experts are NATE-certified and fully licensed and insured to take care of all of your air conditioner service requirements. Regardless of the time or day, we’re here so that you don’t have to have an uneasy feeling about anything when you need your air conditioner serviced. Call us at 901-365-4260 or arrange an appointment with us online today.

Air Conditioner Maintenance in Memphis

Your air conditioner is a prime example of “work hard now and relax later.” Regular maintenance on your HVAC system is extremely important for your equipment to function at its top efficiency so you can absolutely relax and enjoy those grueling hot summer months. The better your equipment is maintained, the less you have to have uncertainty about in the approaching years.

Our professionals at Landmark Heating & Air Conditioning are qualified to step in and make sure all of your comfort needs are met.

Reliable Operation: routine maintenance helps make sure your HVAC system is running just like it is designed to. The sooner you take care of problems, the more you’ll be able to count on it when it gets hot.

Put an End to Emergencies: having consistent maintenance done on your system means that you can have the small trouble areas identified and addressed before they become tremendous problems later.

Changing Seasons: when it’s hot outside isn’t the only time to think about the air conditioner. You should really think about having it checked before summer. Even if you are not using your air conditioner as often, you should still consider having preventative maintenance done then so you know it’s ready when you need it.

Summertime Savings: from filters to the fans, we make sure every part of equipment is running correctly. Keeping your filters clean is one of the most important parts of HVAC conservation.

Before the heat hits Memphis, make it a priority to focus on some everyday maintenance to equip for summer and fix any issues before it leaves you hot and sweltering. Routine maintenance not only can help prevent major breakdowns, but it will also leave you confident in your HVAC system through many changing seasons to come. A few other positives of maintenance include:

  • Efficient Operation: staying on top of annual maintenance means your system is ready to provide you with comfortable and efficient performance, no matter what time of year.
  • Peace of Mind: routine maintenance means that you’re able to expect that your air conditioner is going to work at its best when you desire it most. When your air conditioner is maintained by the experts at Landmark Heating & Air Conditioning, you can be comfortable staying cool this summer.
  • Maintain Your Warranty: many manufacturers require routine air conditioner maintenance by trained professionals in order to preserve the warranty on the system.

Next time you’re in need of air conditioner maintenance, don’t forget to call Landmark Heating & Air Conditioning in Memphis to have our experts help answer any questions you may have or schedule a visit to your home. The better you keep your system managed, the less you have to worry about it when you need to depend on it for a comfortable and cool summer. Give us a call at 901-365-4260 or schedule an appointment online.

Air Conditioner Replacement in Memphis

As summer gets closer, so does the excitement. It is the time of the year where you can relax with a sweet glass of lemonade from the kids down the street, time with family and friends, and a cool home to look forward to after planting your new garden in the backyard. But what do you do if you can’t cool off? You feel the temperature getting hotter and hotter, while your level of comfort wears thinner and thinner.

In Memphis, a summer without air conditioning would be hard. Don’t feel as if you need to suffer through the warmth. Investing in an air conditioner replacement doesn’t have to be a difficult process if you use these simple steps in your hunt for an air conditioner replacement. Utilize these tricks when determining if air conditioner replacement is unavoidable.

Reliability: is your current system starting to be inaccurate? Your air conditioner might be the biggest home equipment purchase you’ll have to make for your home. Take the time to decide between a medley of air conditioners that have exceptional consumer ratings and have a track record of being dependable for years to come.

Quiet operation: is your system noisier than you like? Comfort can go beyond simply having your home the temperature you’d prefer. Make sure you ask about noise levels so you won’t be annoyed every time your system kicks on.

Efficiency: Are your energy bills regularly going up? Having an efficient air conditioner means that you’re not only preserving energy and not wasting money, but you’re able to be a little more environmentally sensible. Air conditioners today are more efficient than older units and that can make a big impact in your energy usage which can lower your bills.

Airflow: are you not quite cozy? Maintaining persistent comfortable airflow throughout your home means you need an air conditioner and indoor unit (typically a furnace) that can keep the cool air successfully circulating throughout your home.

The team at Landmark Heating & Air Conditioning suggests that homeowners invest in an air conditioner replacement if the repairs add up to over 50 percent or more of a new air conditioner. Here’s a few conditions you can look for when you think it may be time to think about switching out your air conditioner.

  • Filters: changing your air conditioner filter is essential to the success of your system and easy to take care of. Every time that your air conditioner turns on it collects outside particles and eventually clogs up. Changing them out at least every three months is what we recommend.
  • Age: most air conditioners last about 10 to 12 years on average. If you notice that your system is operating sporadically and acting up, you may want to have it looked at. Older air conditioners typically don’t operate as smoothly as newer systems as well.
  • Wiring: over time it’s not odd for your air conditioner’s wiring to be affected by the weather in Memphis. Depending on the age of your air conditioner, the condition of the wiring can vary, but could present a situation that could lead to corroding wires that need to be replaced.

If an air conditioner replacement is in your near future, keep relevant qualities like reliability, efficiency, sound, consistency, and airflow in mind throughout your search for the top system. These characteristics create a well-built, promising air conditioner that every homeowner would be willing to have in their home.

Call the pros at Landmark Heating & Air Conditioning at 901-365-4260 to see how we make your comfort our mission. Our goal is to save everyone in Memphis from the summer heat with a comfortably cool home. For further questions on air conditioner replacement, schedule an appointment online or give us a call.

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