Emergency Repair

Even with proper care and maintenance, your HVAC system – like all things mechanical – is bound to breakdown at some point. We’re here to help with NATE certified technicians to diagnose and resolve your system issues quickly and efficiently.

Our regular service hours are Monday thru Friday 8-5 (holidays excluded); after hours service is available 7 days a week between 7am – 11pm.  Call our office for service at any time.  If our office is closed you will be directed to either leave a message for our "On Call" technician or leave a message for service the following business day.

You may want to check the following before you call for service:

1.      Check your breaker to ensure it hasn't tripped (especially following a power outage or surge).

2.      Make sure furnace filter door is securely in place (especially if you have just replaced your filter)

3.      Check your air filter if it has not been changed recently.

4.      Make sure you have electrical power and/or gas service.

5.      Check to see if the outdoor unit has ice on the coils.  If so, the unit will need to thaw before we can service.

6.      Always turn system off while awaiting service to avoid the potential for further damage.  Turn your thermostat to the OFF setting.  You may put the Fan Switch in the ON position to circulate air until our service tech arrives.”

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